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Discover a world of thrilling experiences at Avela Boutique Hotel

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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure?

Experience the ultimate thrill of surfing with exhilarating lessons. Explore the vibrant underwater world through scuba diving and conquer off-road trails with exciting adventures. Feel the adrenaline rush on a zip line journey, immerse yourself in nature with breathtaking hikes, and enjoy the freedom of biking through picturesque landscapes. Take advantage of these amazing experiences.

Discover the amazing underwater world and its fascinating creatures up close.
Explore our region's stunning landscapes on a peaceful biking tour.
Discover hidden gems, witness stunning views, and connect with nature.
Soar through the air and embrace an adrenaline rush with our exhilarating zip line experience.
Explore breathtaking landscapes and hidden trails through the jungle in a sturdy 4x4 vehicle.
Explore the vibrant marine life with our scuba diving certified guides.
Ride the waves and master proper surfing techniques by visiting hidden beaches and local spots with our local guides.
Beauty care is here too! We can also recommend salons in the area for hair, manicures, pedicures, makeup and even haircuts for men. (Or book directly to your room if book in advance)
Experience the transformative power of integrated bodywork and unlock the potential of your body's natural healing abilities.
Escape stress with ultimate relaxation and serenity.
Enjoy a massage that releases tension and alleviates muscle soreness.

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Here are some quick answers for frequently asked questions about the this service.

What local experiences does Avela Boutique Hotel offer?

Avela Boutique Hotel offers a range of exciting local experiences, including surfing lessons, scuba diving adventures, off-roading tours, ziplining, hiking, and biking.

How can I book these local experiences?

To book any of our local experiences, simply fill out the inquiry form on the website or contact our concierge team. We'll be happy to assist you in planning your perfect adventure.

Are these local experiences suitable for all ages?

Some experiences may have age restrictions, but we have a variety of options suitable for different age groups. Our concierge team can help you choose the best experiences based on your preferences.

Can I customize the local experiences to suit my preferences?

Yes, we can customize the local experiences to make them tailored to your preferences and interests. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll create a personalized itinerary for you.

Are these local experiences guided by experts?

Yes, all our local experiences are led by knowledgeable guides and experts who ensure your safety and provide valuable insights into the area's culture and natural wonders.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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