Brunch Delights

The perfect choice for those who appreciate fresh, delicious food and made-from-scratch dishes.

Come and savor a delicious lunch at Avela Boutique Hotel.

Experience a delightful brunch at Avela Boutique Hotel.
Our menu offers a range of dishes crafted with the finest ingredients, including light salads, comforting soups, and satisfying main courses.
Join us for lunch and treat yourself to an unforgettable feast of flavors at Avela Boutique Hotel in Sayulita, Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers for frequently asked questions about the this service.

What's included in the Brunch Delights experience?

Our Brunch Delights experience offers a delectable spread of freshly prepared dishes, including a variety of breakfast favorites, pastries, and refreshing beverages.

Is the Brunch Delights experience available every day?

Yes, our Brunch Delights experience is available daily from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, providing you with a delightful morning dining option.

Can I make reservations for the Brunch Delights experience in advance?

Absolutely! To secure your spot and ensure a seamless experience, we recommend making reservations in advance. Simply contact our concierge to book your table.

Come & Experience

Day passes available for non-guests or book a suite for full access.

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